We look forward to seeing you soon. Below is everything you need to know before you visit.

No photos or recordings

Ticket holders are not permitted to take photographs or use recording devices, cellphones, iPads or other electronic equipment during the event or performance, unless otherwise specified by the show.

Silence Devices

Please refrain from using mobile devices during the performance. The sound and light from the displays are a distraction for the performers and other guests--as is calling or text messaging during the performance.

Confiscation and/or removal

Any unpermitted use of a device by a patron may result in the device being confiscated by the Townsend Center staff for the duration of the event or performance of the removal of the patron.

Health and Safety

The Townsend Center is committed to making you concert experiences safe and gratifying.

Our first priority is the safety of our patrons, staff, and performers. The Townsend Center will follow the guidance from federal, state, and local officials to make safety our top priority.

House Manager

A House Manager is onsite to provide helpful information and can be located in the lobby during performances. Services included are:

  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • First Aid
  • Show & Performance Information
  • Lost & Found
  • Reception and Parking Information

Need help during your visit?

If you have any questions during your visit to the Townsend Center, please ask the House Manager, an usher or visit the Box Office for assistance. Please direct any other questions to (678) 839-4722.

The Performance Experience

To optimize the performance experience for the performers and audience members alike:

  • Please cover your mouth when coughing of sneezing. If your coughing persists, kindly move quietly to the lobby.
  • Please minimize noise from cough drop or candy wrappers (it's best to unwrap them quickly).
  • Please turn off all electronic devices before the performance begins. Browsing websites, reading email or sending text messages may be distracting to patrons sitting behind you.
  • Please minimize any noise during the performance such as rustling program pages, papers, or any other materials or possessions.
  • Flash photography and videography are not permitted. These policies may change at any time at the discretion of the artist.
  • For consideration of artists and patrons, anyone arriving while a performance is in progress will be seated only at times designated by the artist and their management.
  • Snacks and beverages are not permitted inside the theaters.

The staff at the Townsend Center and their artists greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank You...and Enjoy the Performance!